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Welder/ Welding Operator Performance Test

Prior to welding fabrication, it is need to develop proper WPS/PQR and make Welder/ Welding operator's qualification test to be performed in accordance with Code & Standards and client's requirements.

Welders and Welding operators who will being assigned to the construction of pressure vessel, bridge, building structure are required to pass performance test based on client specification, construction code and standards, statutory regulation etc. 

※ Range of Code / Standard / Regulations

 ASME Section IX, AWS D1.1, AWS D1.5, EN, ISO, AISC, CSA(Canadian Standards Association) W47.1 etc.  

※ WPS/PQR or Welder qualification Process 

1) Inform welding process, base metal, welders total number/ Date & Location / Applicable Code  

2) Witness welder / welding performance test – Check candidate's ID, Base metal, thickness, welding position etc base of applicable code.

3) Verify NDE or Mechanical test results.

4) Issue of WPS/PQR or Welder's certification. 

5) Regular welder's performance check or re-test.

※ KETC's service

 - Consulting different Code/ Standards's requirements such as ASME nuclear / non-nuclear pressure vessel, AWS steel structures, API Tank  

-  Provide unique statutory requirements (USA, Canada, EU, India, Korea etc.) 

-  Experienced and qualified inspectors;  CWI, IWE, CWB Welding Supervisor, ASME AI etc.  

-  Able to cover wide range of Code/Standard  (ASME Section IX, AWS D1.1, AWS D1.5, CSA(Canadian Standards Association) W47.1, AISC, EN1090. ISO 3834-2/3, Class Rules etc.)


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