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​Inspection / Consulting Services

Statutory Inspection / Consulting


Third Party Inspection (ISO/IEC 17020 Inspection Body)
  • 3rd party inspection for industry and power plant equipment. 

  • Boiler and pressure vessel.

  • Steel structures

  • Pump

  • Valves

  • EN10204  3.2 material inspection (Plate, Pipe, Tube etc.)

Welding Certification / Qualification
  • WPS/PQR cerification 과 WPQ  test

  • ASME Section IX.

  • AWS D1.1

  • EN 15614-1

  • EN 287 etc..​

Design Review
  •  Professional registered engineer (RPE)'s design review for ASME U2, U3  B&PV; 

  -Prepare the User Design Specification (UDS) 

  -Design appraisal & PE stamping for User Design Specification (UDS)

 -Design appraisal & PE stamping for Manufacturer Design Report (MDR) & General Arrangement drawings and Mechanical calculations.

  • Boiler & Pressure vessel's design review

  • Lifting Device and Crane Load Test 

  • Design verification using computer program such as Compress.​

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