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CSA(Canadian Standards Association)  W47.1

CSA(Canadian Standards Association) W47.1 - Based on the type of work to be undertaken a company may be certified for Fusion Welding of Steel in one of three Divisions. Companies who wish to be certified under this standard are required to qualify their Welding Supervisors and their Welding Engineers, submit for review and approval their Company’s Welding Procedures and qualify their Welding personnel (welders or operators).

※ Personnel requirement of each division 

 1) Division 1

   - Need at least one full-Time Welding Engineer 

   - Need min. 1 full-Time Welding Supervisor 

 2) Division 2

   - Need at least one Part-Time Welding Engineer 

   - Need at least one Welding Supervisor

 3) Division 3

   - Need at least one Welding Supervisor

   - Welding Engineer is not required. 

※ KETC Korea's Service 

1. High standard technical review as an AWS approved international agent. 

2. All KETC's consultants have strong technical background of welding (WPS/PQR, WPQ)  / NDE/ Paint and familial with latest AISC's quality requirements. . 

3. Guide to set up optimized quality system suitable to each unique company.

4. Experienced consultants will reduce time and manpower loss of client while preparation process for the audit.

5. Follow-up any technical and system nonconformity.  

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