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Material Inspection (EN 10204 3.2 Type)

EN 10204 (2004) 3.2 Type

Material Certification

To meet the integrity of material used for off-shore, oil, and chemical plants, end-user requests 3.2 type material certification (MTR or MTC). This certification issued after completion of witness test and or verification by the 3rd party inspection agency'.

* 3.1 Type Material Certification : Material inspection report issued after testing by the material supplier itself


-In principle, 3.2 Material Certification such as plates, pipes, and tubes shall be issued after a third-party inspection at the material manufacturers shop.

-Therefore, it is difficult to obtain 3.2 certification if the end-user purchases through stockists or material supply agents.

Inspection and issuance of 3.2 Type Material Certification

-Purchased material from socklist or material supply agency, 3.2 Type Certification can be issued through the upgrade process with the approval of the end user.

 KETC provides 3.2 Type Material Certification inspection services as follows.

  • Material marking inspection

  • Mechanical/chemical test attendance

  • Review of heat treatment or NDE report

Inspectors with professional certifications such as ASME AI, IWE, welding technician, etc., review the requirements of end users in detail, and conduct all inspections while checking in advance prevent from any argue after supplying material. 

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