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It is a welding quality system for who are manufacturing welded product in the filed of plant, shipbuilding steel structure industry. It covers how to manage and control of welding process, qualification on welder, welding material, WPS/PQR and inspection etc.  

- a manufacturer compliant to comprehensive quality requirements (i.e. ISO 3834-2)

- demonstrates compliance with standard quality requirements (i.e. ISO 3834-3)

- elementary quality requirements (i.e. ISO 3834-4)


 ► Personnel 

- Welder & Welding operator

- Welding Coordinator Level A,B & C : IWE certified.

- Inspection Personnel (NDE personnel)


  Technical Requirement


-Welding Coordination organization

KETC's consultants who are qualified several such as IWE, AWS CWI CWB, ASME AI provide specialized services with system and  welding technical area.  



EN ISO 3834
: Certification for fusion welding processes of metallic materials
EN 3834-2 certified
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