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9 Years CWI Recertification Program

Service includes

From 2023, KETC launch 80 Hours online training and 9 years Recertification Program.

 - Online Training Online Courses - 80 Hrs. (Only Korean available)

 - Submit Re-certification Application to AWS. 


How to register this 

Sequence and Timeline.

1. Program registration.

2. KETC send confirmation E-mail 

3. Start Online Courses 

4. Submit 9 years application with 80Hrs certification.

5. KETC submit 9 years recertification applications to AWS. 

Renewal cost

Deposit both USD and KRW separately

1) 705 USD     : KEB Hana Bank 453-910008-24432 / KETC KOREA CO.,LTD.

2) 990,000  KRW : KEB Hana Bank 453-910006-35404 / KETC Korea Co., Ltd.

** If the renewal period is imminent and the application is urgent, an additional fee may be incurred.

** Forex transfer method:

1) Foreign exchange transfer by visiting a bank or 2) Foreign exchange transfer using Internet Banking using a bank app

** You must inform the bank transfer manager that all transfer fees are borne by the sender (Caution!)

** In case less amount is remitted, you will have to remittance and additional fees will be incurred.

Required documents / submission method

Recertificaion application  / 80Hours trainng certification / Visual Acuity Form  /one passport copy

#One . 1 PDF scan file (Resolution at least 400 dpi): Scan in the order of application form (photo not attached), Visual Acuity Form, and a passport copy.
#2 photo JPG. (51mmX 51mm, US visa size)

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